Reward the participation in our creation of values:

We offer an exclusive prices to those who participate to the production process. We offer 25% abatement to our customers who pre-order the products.

A fight against the obsolescence: 

Since the opening of PHILIPPE PERISSE's shop, we've always refused the game of Seasonal Sales. A dreadful circle of fashion obsolescence, aggravated by a crazy accumulation of stock on the market.

We create an  "Anti-fashion": Each piece has a story and a value, linked to the work of creative and skilled individuals : the designer, the draper, the cuter, the seamster, a weaver, the textile designer and engineer, ...  We defend the hidden reality behind a fair price: a fair reward of the entire value chain.

PHILIPPE PERISSE products are made in limited quantities, and since the origin of the brand, we've organised our production with a made-to-order system.

PHILIPPE PERISSE since the first collection has been inspired by the military uniforms and its two fundamental attributes:  empowerment and functionality. If each collection invites to a new adventure, altogether they constitute a complementary and coherent wardrobe.

We source French and European suppliers and manufacturers ;

We believe in a rational use of resources by up-cycling textile and leather but also investing in sustainable and innovative textile such as the popeline from INDUO.

We fight against senseless animal cruelty, we relocate more and more of our production in France.

And most of all we develop synergies between other young designers (Establishments Pardi, IGWE, De Maarse Paris, Marion Fillancq...)